The True Detective subreddit is highly addictive

Here it is.  I only read it at work now, and it’s easily consuming about an hour of my workday each day.  I find it fascinating for three reasons:

  1. People will latch on to any and everything on the screen and then just run with it.  Some of these are incredible catches.  Others are really dumb.
  2. Yo, you really learn stuff sometimes. (You’ve got to parse through those comments to get the info on 70s cults.)  Also, this.
  3. Conspiracy theories, conspiracy theories, conspiracy theories.  Thank Pynchon for putting the hunger for the crazy in my brain.

Whatever reservations Canelli and I have about this show, you’ve got to hand it to them for creating an incredibly details-oriented and rich setting for these characters to romp around in.  And then you’ve got to hand it to the people on the True Detective subreddit for running with it.


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