Rereading Infinite Jest

This happened on Monday.  Now I’m all like, “Damnit, man, Canelli wants to cover IJ, and this biblioklept site is taking away all my reasons not to.”

Canelli, are we going to do this?  If so, then I propose the following schedule:

  • The Brothers Karamazov this summer
  • Infinite Jest this fall
  • Gravity’s Rainbow this winter

Yeah, I think by this November/December I should be ready to touch Pynchon again.  Get your Weisenburger ready!

Most importantly, however, is that I’ve already started The Brothers Karamazov.  Started this weekend and immediately got through Alyosha’s introductory chapter before I knew what had happened.  How ’bout you, Canelli?


  1. Luigus

    I’m down for this schedule. Haven’t touched Karamazov yet. Saving it for India.

  2. dasfuller (Post author)

    I’m moving through BK at a snail’s pace right now. Just under 50 pages in 4 days. You’re going to have it finished by the time you get back, and I’ll probably be only halfway through it….


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