Yelp, True Detective is getting canceled after this season

Paperwork.  So.  Much.  Paperwork.  Episode five is going to be nothing but paperwork.

That’s the only real emotion I could muster after last night’s episode of True Detective.  Between the stilted dialogue, less-than-best acting, and the incredibly heavy-handed everything else, I’m sad that it took me half the season to realize that this season is a complete dud.  Not just compared to season one, but against a lot of other shows.  I’ll probably stop watching the show now, wait for Canelli to get back from his trip to India later this week, and then binge watch the rest of it so he and I can bad-mouth Nick Pizzolatto.

Now I regret making a separate category for True Detective on this site.  Damn.  Who’s looking forward to Fargo season two in September?  It can’t come soon enough.

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