Tedious Detective, episode 5

Ugh.  Meh.

I regret not getting Canelli’s audio in time to post episode 23 last week, because he and I did some farting on True Detective season 2 that is turning prophetic.  Well, other than my desire to see our three true detectives spend all of episode 5 doing paperwork after that big shootout, all the other things we talked about have come true.  The characters are becoming more wooden, the writing more over-the-top melodramatic (in a bad way), and the plot more labyrinthine in the most uninteresting way.  It’s also starting to feel rushed as now there’s only three episodes left before the series ends for another season.

I think the thing that’s causing me to blink the heaviest is the horrible dialog and the awkwardly bad character development.  Why should I care what happens to any of these characters now?  Especially after that bit with Detective Woodrugh and his mother?  No.  Just, no.


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