True Detective and Silicon Valley

Alright, last night’s episode of True Detective was actually pretty good.  The coffee scene between Frank and Ray at the beginning actually holds together pretty well, and the tension in the second half of the episode was well constructed.  The Star Wars orchestral music during the whole house party orgy was a little…out of place, but I’ll look past that.*

But that’s not what this post is about.  No, it’s about one of my new favorite internet theories about True Detective.  I saw this last week and mentioned it to Amanda (she’s wisely chosen to stop watching the show), and then I discovered this thread on reddit.  Basically, it boils down to this: the appearance of Matt McCoy in TD episode 5 and SV episodes 9 and 10, and the appearance of Joshua Change in SV episode 8 and TD episode 6.  From this, the internet has concluded that TD and SV take place in the same universe.

So I’ve got this figured out: TD season 2 takes place at least one or two years before SV season 2.  McCoy’s lawyer, named Gillett, in TD is mixed up in all the crazy shit our three detectives are investigating.  Our gang ended up solving enough of the case by the end of the season to bring down a lot of people, including Gillett.  This is poetic justice because this Gillett is one of the lawyers working for that actress to put the screws to Woodrugh.**  So Gillett, at some point, ends up going to jail for partaking in all those crazy drug and sex orgies in TD.  A year after his release from jail, he’s looking for redemption and, because this is the google age, changes his name to Peter Monohan and agrees to help our heroes in SV with their binding arbitration case.

Now, Chang is an unnamed CSI tech in last night’s TD episode.  Dude’s career is spent looking at the most horrific murder scenes after our true detectives bust the sex ring right wide open.  So many freaky, freaky murder scenes.  Dude can’t handle it anymore.  So he gets a buddy to hook him up with a much less traumatizing job of doing computer security for a small little video hosting company called End Frame.  And he’s happy, until his company begins competing in a bake-off with Pied Piper in SV season 2 episode 8.  There we learn that this once unnamed tech is actually named Seth.

So it all fits nicely together, doesn’t it?  I really like this theory, and I’m hoping against hope Chris Diamantopoulos makes an appearance somewhere in the last two episodes as, you know, a completely clueless rich dude looking to score some eastern european girlfriend with bad opinions about the Jews.

* Holy cow, I just learned that the music I was complaining about is from the video game Civilization IV.  I’m…shaking my head here.

** Christ, I just realized the secret gay guy in TD season 2’s name is “wood-rough.”  Ugh…

Also: we’ve never talked about it here, but Silicon Valley is an incredible show.  And I can’t ever get enough of Zach Wood.  The writers, rightfully so, lean heavily on his comedic skills, and the show is definitely better for it.  That dude is incredible.

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