Buckminster Fuller instead of the Karamazov brothers, for now

When Amanda returned from her great European residency at the beginning of the month, aside from the 50 pounds of chocolate, she also brought back a copy of Buckminster Fuller’s Operating Manual for Spaceship Earth.  This is the book I read next, because I’m having a hell of a time with Brothers Karamazov.  I’ve been working on BK for about a month now, and I’m only 132 of 776 pages in.  It’s been a tough read for me because it’s more philosophy than a novel right now.  And what drama there is, is of the middle-school variety (I’m looking at you Fyodor Pavlovich and Dmitri Fyodorovich!).

So not much is happening in the book right now except a lot of conversations and monologues where dudes discuss the separation of church and state, all the different ways Fyodor has supposedly wronged Dmitri, and an extensive litany of reasons why Dmitri thinks he’s a bad person (or does he think he’s an okay person?  I’m a little confused).  This heavy lean on more philosophical discussions early on in the book isn’t really my thing, so it’s been tough staying focused on the book.  Whole pages of conversation have gone by and I’ve had no idea what’s going on.

Another thing that really crushes my soul with this book is that Canelli is already almost up to page 600.  He’s up in the Himalayas right now with mostly no internet, so he’s got plenty reading time, and he’s probably absolutely in love with this book.  (He did email me to tell me he’s read TNC’s new book, and that’s how I know his page count.)  Me, I’m waiting for something to happen, and the waiting only gets longer the more I avoid the book.  Canelli is going to get back, and he’s going to be ready to just burrow into this book.  All I’m going to have is a little quibble about Ivan Fyodorovich’s line, “There is no virtue if there is no immortality” on page 70.  And for now I’m okay with this.

So I’m going to knock out Fuller’s OMfSE real quick, and, hopefully, it’ll be a detour from BK that helps motivate me through its next 100 pages.  Before Canelli gets back.



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