Wait, what’s going on here?

This is a week of great confusion for me.  The Brothers Karamazov, some business at work (literally business: revenues and conversions and shit that has nothing to do with my job description), and now Canelli is gone.  He’s left me.  This site feels so empty now that it’s run out of his words.  Now it’s just…me.  Sweet existential crisis of the Egyptian god Isis!

But he’ll be back in the middle of August, and I’ve got a whole list of things to write up on in the meantime.  There’s this DFW movie that Amanda just sent me a review on.  There’s Dostoevsky’s choices in introducing all the main characters in Book I of BK.  There’s Ivan Fyodorivich’s (absolutely fake, as revealed in Book IV) atheism (and my take on how theistic writers write atheist characters (spoiler: poorly)).  I’m gearing up for my fall writing class soon (it’s going to be all workshop).  Then there’s Uncle Bucky’s book that I promised to read but didn’t actually pick up because I fell into a Civ 5 hole last weekend that I haven’t climbed out of yet.  Man, I’ve got so much to write about.  You might not even notice Canelli’s absence!  How ’bout that?

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  1. Ed Burnham

    Sounds like a helluva week big guy!


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