So the blog/podcast needs a new name

If you heard our most recent podcast, you’ll remember that Canelli and I both agreed that it was time to find a better name for the podcast/blog.  Enough people have told us that “Poop Epiphany” is kind of a turnoff.  Well, we hear you, and we’re ready to do something about it.

We’ve done enough podcasts now, actually, that we have a pretty good sense of our overall tone.  And, in fact, I started to key in on a specific phrase that Canelli really loved in The Crying of Lot 49: “Shall I project a world?”  So my initial thoughts regarding a new name for the podcast/blog is something to do with cartographic projections.  I don’t have anything specific in mind, but I think I want to go that route because “projecting a world” fits in well with a ton of symbolism in Infinite Jest.

I emailed all this to Canelli about a month ago, so hopefully he’s had time to chew it up over there on the Indian subcontinent.  I’ve been thinking about it, too.  But I’m also interested in suggestions that anyone may have.  So….feel free, people.


  1. amandaburnhamrfp

    I *like* Poop Epiphany.

  2. thedjreynolds

    Upon considering your idea, Fuller, I thought about map projections and considered that distorting certain map features was common among many map projections. I would think something along the lines of “distorting a world in a certain way” would be a nice touch, like “The Big Small World”. I won’t get far with clever names, but the map distortion idea could be one to look at.


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