Mind blown, right?

Saw this last week:

[P]roprietors of the Shoeless Joe Jackson Museum appealed to commissioner Rob Manfred for Jackson’s reinstatement from the permanently ineligible list, which would open the possibility of him being elected to the Hall of Fame.

Sorry, Shoeless Joe fans, but Rob isn’t trying to hear that shit.

Doesn’t the fact that MLB has a “permanently ineligible” list of baseball players just as powerful–if not moreso–as having a Hall of Fame?  Because, honestly, I couldn’t name a single angel in heaven, but I can tell you without waiting a heartbeat that (whether they truly deserve it or not) Brutus, Cassius, and Judas are the fuckers getting chewed up in Satan’s mouth(s) in the ninth circle of hell.

Spend some time contemplating the dichotomy and parallels of the MLB Hall of Fame/Ineligible List and Dante’s Paradiso/Inferno.  Or just Heaven/Hell in general.

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