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Here we are: the beginning of the new semester for those of us enrolled in the JHU writing program!  This semester marks my fourth semester in the program, and the single class I’m taking this fall is a fiction writing workshop.  I’m really excited to get this rolling because it provides the one piece of motivation that I never have when it comes to writing: deadlines.  The deadlines make it happen for me.  (Look what having a deadline for this blog has done for me!)  On one of my old-ass copies of a Norton Anthology, I’ve scrawled my 18-year-old-self’s personal motto: “Procrastinate long enough and it will get done.”  Even back then, twenty years ago, I understood the importance of deadlines.

So here we go: I haven’t seen the syllabus yet, but my understanding is that I’m going to be producing three separate works, no more than 25 pages each, that is going to get picked over by my peers (I think there’s going to be eight of us in this workshop) and writing instructor.  I did no writing over the summer (no deadlines!), so everything I generate is going to, essentially, be on the fly.  I got what I think is another killer idea for a novel/graphic novel and a bunch of notes I took last spring for a short story.  I’m excited to finally being motivated to put this stuff down into a form that may or may not hew to what I have in my mind.

Oh, by the way, Canelli: what’s up with your novel, bro?

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