Why “Strange Projections”?

Since I’m stuck on what to write about today, I’ll take a moment to explain/mythologize the origins of our new name.

Our initial iteration, “Poop Epiphany,” went through a fairly uninspired brainstorming phase, so that when it was suggested, its acceptance was a disinterested shrug at best. Sort of a “Well, why not? It’s stupid and somewhat funny and mostly off-putting. That suits what we’ve got here.” Alright, so that’s not how we thought about it exactly, though such self-laceration probably isn’t far off from the unconscious motivation to roll with it (here I am strangely projecting my own insecurities on Fuller). We then retroactively threw an apocryphal story at it about Martin Luther having epiphanies on the can. Basically, we weren’t married to the thing, but we weren’t actively looking to divorce ourselves from it either.

Another fairly uninspired brainstorming phase ensued recently. Fuller suggested doing something related to “Shall I project a world?”, a quote we cited frequently in our discussion of Thomas Pynchon’s The Crying of Lot 49. He had even completed a rudimentary drawing that might serve as our new symbol. I countered with “Strange Attractors,” a name I had considered worthy in the first go-around. The term comes from our coverage of James Gleick’s Chaos. No matter what we were bound to choose, it’s clear that we were going for something esoteric, which suits the insularity of this here endeavor. (We’re hoping that changes eventually once one of us sells out in the writing world.)

Sticking to the projection idea, I offered “The Projectionists,” but Fuller pointed out how that made us sound exclusively like film critics. At some point, “Strange Projections” became the hybrid that emerged out of all this nonsense. I’m assuming Fuller finally nailed it down, though I don’t really remember, even though it just happened.

So that’s where we are now. When we sell out, perhaps we’ll get more mainstream with the title, or dive deeper into our own egos. Likely the latter. Either way, selling out remains our primary ambition.

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