Batman’s Opulence

We know Batman is a plutocrat, but we didn’t really know just how epically rich he is. Thanks to this hilarious research, we have an estimate: $682,450,750. Weirdly, this is affordable for a relatively large group of people around the world. Why hasn’t anyone invested in becoming the Dark Knight? No one with a tragic enough archetypal origin story? Not handsome/charming enough? Too quick to settle for the less than $60 it costs to be the Bat in the world game developer Rocksteady has created?

Regardless of the obviously very serious reasons one would shirk the thrill of becoming a brooding, in cahoots with throat-lozenge companies, unwittingly pro-hegemony superhero, we can now question, economically if not ethically, the value of the Caped Crusader. Is the Joker’s terrorizing chaos, which costs him nothing, Gotham’s true salvation? Likewise with the League of Shadows and the reckoning it desperately seeks, overturning civilization and beginning the world anew. Is that a better alternative?

It may not pay to be Batman, but the greater cost may be the city he holds hostage, and the status quo power hierarchy he sustains. You have to spend money to make money, but you have to have money in the first place, and that rarely changes hands.

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