Oh snap! It’s Nobel Prize season!

Yo, this year’s Nobel Prize in Physics is supposed to be announced in just a few hours!  Professor Zajc, this is your year, baby!  His work in the early aughts over at the Brookhaven National Laboratory was big news a decade ago, and it was conjectured that he’d win a Nobel Prize for it.  Well, every year while I was at Columbia, the entire physics department went on high alert, waiting to hear the good news.  Then the planet got all Higgs Boson happy, and he didn’t win anything.  But now that all that LHC stuff is out of our system, I can feel it: this is the year!

Posting this early so I can be the one to say “Who called that?  WHO CALLED THAT!  Yeah, baby, it was me.”

UPDATE: Fucking neutrinos.  Goddamn it!  Yeah, we get it: neutrinos are weird as hell, and neutrino oscillation is a big fucking discovery, but still.  (Note that the guy who predicted neutrino oscillation has been dead for over 20 years.  Gotta give the award to somebody, right?)

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