Holiday book orders!

It’s that time of the year when JHU Press gives its employees a $100 credit for any titles from our books department.  The pricing on our books is a little on the ridiculous, so the $100 doesn’t go very far–unless you do what I do and go around, finding all the people who don’t use their credits and have them order books for you.  My first year here I pulled down $532.60 worth of books.  Last year I brought in $380.30.  This year it’s going to be just $194.80.  Not because I’m finding less people to donate their credits but rather I’m finding less titles that appeal to me.  I mean, we carry over a hundred years worth of titles, but it’s mostly highly specialized academic works.  So after my first two years of title binging, this year I’m much more modest about what I’m looking for.  And there’s a prevailing theme, too.  Here’s what I’ve got lined up:

A few randos left over from prior years, a classic American lit crit piece, and then a fixation on classic greek and roman lit.  This year, of all years, maybe the year that I actually read all the books I order.

UPDATE: Check that.  Four coworkers offered up their holiday money to me.  I’ve now got a total of $589.40 in books coming to me in a month.  This is a huge haul–bigger than my first year!  Here are the extra titles I picked out.

Some of these are just hold-overs from prior years.  Others, like Ducks, are interesting titles I keep seeing pop up in our best seller lists, so why not, right?


  1. Luigus

    I’ll accept “This Land: The Battle Over Sprawl and the Future of America,” “Becoming Batman,” “Inventing Iron Man,” and/or “The Myth of the Birth of the Hero” as Christmas presents.

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