Adam Bomb

Fuller, get on this and this like right now and get back at our readers next week with your response in a blog post. I’m expecting either (a) categorical dismissal of this as preposterous and insulting, or (b) a legit BOOM! science moment. Either way, I’m excited for your take.


Side note: I got to learn about the Kardashev scale (rudimentary stuff to Fuller, no doubt) thanks to the Discovery article linking me to Wikipedia. So is this now officially a credible thing to do in research, or is Discovery a farce?


  1. dasfuller

    The Kardashev scale is a real thing that real people talk about. We don’t learn about it as part of the astrophysics undergrad curriculum (unless you took a class on exoplanets back in the mid-aughts) because we’re so busy learning physics and stars and galaxies. So, generally, you learn about the Kardashev scale from a grad student who dabbles in incredibly speculative astro research on the side or who’s just really into science fiction.

    Anyway, I saw articles about this thing yesterday. Unpredictable variable stars are a thing that we know about, and there’s tons of them. The variability is usually indicative of an end-of-life star. I think, without having read any of the research on it yet, that what makes this star unique is that it’s variability is on an incredibly short time scale.

    Let me do the research and get back to everyone on this.

  2. dasfuller

    Ah, and I’ve just learned that the research paper that all these articles are referring to is one “published” on People, this site is a warehouse for “pre-prints.” The stuff that goes up here has *not* been peer-reviewed and usually has *not* actually been “published” by any real research journals *yet*. The peer-review process often leads to parts or all of papers being completely rewritten. Real researchers *do* put pre-prints up on this site all the time, but so do cranks. Here’s a link to the pre-print in question:


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