“Thou shalt not embarrass thyself and thy colleagues by claiming false planets.”

Last week Canelli asked me to look into all this biz about KIC-8462852.  I did the research, read a couple of papers, scanned the internet, and a bunch of other stuff.  At this point, there’s nothing I can say that Phil Plait hasn’t already said, and I certainly can’t say it better than him anyway.  And I absolutely agree: this is an incredibly weird object, aliens are probably not the answer, but all this is still very cool.  Weird-ass astro objects such as this almost always lead to really interesting discoveries.  (The best example off the top of my head is how we figured out that six to eight different types of objects were all the exact same type of thing except we were viewing them from different angles.)

Here’s a run-down of some links that are related to this (be they the original papers, blog posts, or supporting information):

So, again, this is pretty cool.  Hurray for science, yo.

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