We’re not on this list…yet

Here’s a list of fifty of the most popular podcasts as determined by the Cool Tools site.  And we’re not in it yet. (Don’t ask where I got this link.  Let’s just say it’s from a site that I read out of spite.)  Here’s a description from the link about how they compiled the list:

We made a list of the best factual podcasts by ranking the most popular factual podcasts from the results of an unscientific survey we posted online several months ago. We asked readers of this Cool Tools blog and our social followers to take our survey and rate some suggested podcasts — and to add ones we did not know about. More than 1,600 people filled out the survey, and by the end we had a list of 775 suggested titles. We combined the number of times a podcast was checked together with its average rating to come up with a total score. We then sorted the final list of podcast titles by rank. (The full data dump is here.) We wrote descriptions for the top 50, shown below. (The rankings in this list are biased to our original suggestion list; we’d do the survey differently if we did it again next year.)

So yeah, podcasts.  We all love them.  Marco Arment says they’re so hot right now.  So hot in fact that his podcasting app, Overcast, is now free.

There you go.

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