Ready to write a novel?

I always forget that November is National Novel Writing Month.  This is a website/activity/”celebration” where you sit down in front of a computer for a whole month and just fucking write.  You write your heart out.  You’re shooting for a 50,000-word manuscript, which means you’ve got to churn out 1,667 words a day for 30 days straight.

As Canelli can no doubt attest, and as I have learned these past couple of months, 1,667 words a day is an incredible task.  I can get that kind of word count only when I take a day off work and write for five-to-six hours straight.  And then I’m spent for the next three days while I recharge my imagination.

So the NaNoWriMo event isn’t for me–too rich for my blood.  But don’t let that be a deterrent for you.  You should try it.  Because, who knows, you might be able to do it.  And all it takes is doing it once to get you hooked on writing.  So, you know, just do it.

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