“The intensity of pain and suffering that is looking back at you…”

I originally skipped this article, “The Baseball Hall Of Fame Is A Grim, Cruel, Terrible Place,” on deadspin last week because I couldn’t get past the first sentence.

In 1999, I was teaching advanced dialectical history at a small northeastern liberal arts college whose name I will not mention here.

I have no idea what “advanced dialectical history” is, and, at the time, didn’t care to google it.  (It also didn’t cross my mind that this might be a fake thing.)  Then Amanda mentioned it to me as some weird baseball-themed sendup of every nerd’s favorite racist, H.P. Lovecraft.  Again, I blew it off when she suggested reading it to me.  “Eh, who cares?” being my favorite reply to things I think are trite or too cutesy for their own good.

But then she insisted, and insisted on reading it out loud in Werner Herzog’s voice.  It was a…transformative experience.

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