Episode 34: The Micro, The Mini, And The Teenie

Episode 34: The Micro, The Mini, And The Teenie

SHOW ME WHAT YOU GOT–sorry, wrong episode.  In today’s podcast episode we take a minor diversion to cover the impossibly-awesome Rick and Morty season 2 episode, The Ricks Must Be Crazy.  What started as a simple question for Fuller–“Why did Rick pose as an alien when he visited the microverse he’d created?–turned into a 55 minute conversation about the importance of finding meaning in one’s existence immediately after finding out your universe is used as a battery for another universe that is in turn being used as a battery for yet another universe.  Oh man.

Here’s some other stuff we talked about.

Also, check out the AV Club review of this episode for a take on the morality in this episode.  It’s a pretty good review that gets at the heart of what we talked about, but from a different angle.

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