Killer curiosity.

Fuller has had a post in the works for about a month now titled, “Now that’s what I’m talking about with all these strange projections.” Typically, I don’t read his posts prior to their publication, but this one is creating quite the itch. He’s never explicitly said, “dude, don’t read my posts before they’re up on the site,” because that would be weird and unnecessary (well, it would’ve been, at least). So me imagining it as this forbidden fruit or magical room that I’m not supposed to eat or enter is, of course, absurd.

Still, I totally understand Eve and Bluebeard’s wives: I have to know what’s behind this thing that I’ve decided I’m not supposed to experience. But no. I must be good. I don’t want to leave Paradise or be chopped up and left in a room for Fuller’s next blogging partner to find.



In other words, I had nothing else to write about today.

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  1. dasfuller

    You’re going to be so disappointed when that post goes live. Just stop thinking about it.


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