I’m writing a play because why not?

Fuller’s registered for the spring, and he’s slouching his way toward the end of the fall. This would be economic self-annihilation if not for institutional incest tuition remission. While Fuller is carving out writing time and energy by taking advantage of this sweet deal, I’m carving out writing time and energy by…okay, so I’m not really doing a great job with that. Heck, I can barely keep up with the minimal requirements of this blog (posting 4 times per week with no word count expectation and effectively no audience).

Still, that isn’t stopping me from writing a play. I’ve been avoiding the hell out of revising my young adult fiction novel, so it feels like the perfect time for a change. Rehearsing for a play this fall, like doing a musical last spring, has resonated deeply with me, so there’s something about the theatrical form that I might already be fluent in. And if not, at least it’s writing practice. The attempt is all.

If that’s true, then why do I so often avoid the attempt?

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