Registered for the spring semester

I’ve registered for the writing program’s spring semester.  I thought I’d have to take another workshop course, but they’ve added some new classes to the schedule.  And I signed up for the gem of them all: Novel Form, Style, and Structure.  Here’s the course description.

The course focuses on a writer’s analysis of novels, expanding the study of fiction into techniques and issues relating to the longer form. Topics include structure, character arcs, style, consistency of voice, techniques of backstory, and plot management. Class assignments may include response writings and original fiction as well as oral presentations. Readings usually include a number of novels, plus books or essays on novel craft.

No idea yet how this might affect my plans to finish my piece, but I certainly know how it’ll affect my wallet.  Course prices have been increased to $2806 per semester course.  And what’s really crazy is that, besides the Masters in Liberal Arts (whatever the hell that is)the writing program is the cheapest in this division of the school.

Anyway, costs aside, I’m excited for the spring semester.  This is the sort of instruction I’ve been waiting for.  Let’s do this thing, yo!

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