Babe: Pig in the Thunderdome

I’m not offering any critical insight about anything today, just awe for director George Miller’s peculiarly diverse filmography. My man has had his hand in these three franchises: Babe, Happy Feet, and Mad Max. I’ve only seen the first Babe (he was producer) and the latest Mad Max, but…damn. That’s some impressively distinct character and world building.

I’m taking his career as further proof of the need for variation in creative expression, which…duh, right? Life is possible only with continued iteration and innovation, so why wouldn’t the same logic apply to art? Anyway, regardless of how obvious this message is, without repetition of its truth, I won’t enact it.

Who am I even imagining as a skeptic here? I suppose I’m going at the part of myself that doesn’t want to put in the work to write. Screw you, lazy bones. We’re doing this.

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