I want to be your Sledge Hammer!

Holy crap-a-doodles, yesterday Boing Boing (which I read purely out of spite) posted about the mid-80s ABC comedy, Sledge Hammer, and I’ve just been eating it up.  I remember loving the fuck out of this show when I was 9/10 years old, but I didn’t remember anything about it.  I’ve been scouring the internet, watching episodes here I could, and I’ve got to say, despite the fashion and haircuts, the comedy and satire is still fresh fresh fresh.  In fact, I’d say it was even more biting today than when it originally aired almost 30 years ago.  Just the show’s intro is too much.  What we Americans take for satire, the rest of the world must take literally.  Trust us, we know what we’re doing.

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