Man-proof my hair?

Smokey BBQs. Muddy pitches. A hot day. Men relax their way. Fresh Clean helps hair recover from all that action. It has menthol to refresh while it washes away dirt and grease. Your hair will be ready for more chilling out. MAN-PROOF YOUR HAIR.

Inspiring stuff from Dove’s Men + Care line of hair care products. I happened to notice this gem of a description on the back of a shampoo bottle in my parents’ bathroom. Thanks, Dove, for giving me more absurd ammo for the gender unit in my Media Studies course this winter. We intellectualize the ubiquity of masculinity and femininity in our culture, so this was a prime example of just how pervasive these norms are.

Masquerading as a cleansing product, it’s just another part of a dirty, dirty process


  1. dasfuller

    You know, the more I think about it, the more I think we really shouldn’t be all that shocked of all the gender stuff in advertising and such. I mean, the large majority of languages spoken by the clear majority of humans on this planet has gender *built into* the language.

    1. Luigus (Post author)

      Oh, I’m not shocked. It’s just amusing, especially as we’re trying to figure out how to articulate something about gender that challenges the very core of most languages. And just because something is a certain way doesn’t mean it ought to be that way.


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