Marvel, indeed.

I’m currently in the belly of the beast of play rehearsal (for a farce called Noises Off), but right before I was swallowed up, I watched the first episode of Netflix’s Jessica Jones. I’ll likely write more extensively about it later on after I’ve finished the series, but I will say that it was an intriguing first episode with quite the punch of an ending. It worked so well because right before the “twist” happens, I thought to myself, “well, that resolution was too easily achieved. I’m not convinced.” And then BAM!, the actual “resolution” arrives. Also, the show passes the Bechdel test within the first 5 minutes, so that’s pretty sweet.

Anyway, I know nothing about Jessica Jones as a character, so I foolishly went to Wikipedia for a digestible backstory. I say foolishly because of how absurdly interwoven the Marvel universe is at this point. In trying to learn something about Jones, you quickly get sucked into things like: her crush on Peter Parker; a car accident that happens on the way back from Disney World, which she was visiting thanks to free tickets from Tony Stark, her father’s boss; her being bullied by Venom; her thwarted mission to kill Daredevil; her psychic therapy with Jean Grey; her complicated relationship with Luke Cage (who has a Netflix series on the way as well, and about whom I also know very little).

Put simply, a clusterfuck.

So instead of discerning more about Jessica Jones and her like through the impossible-at-this-point-to-understand Marvel comic book universe, I’ll stick to whatever she becomes in the television medium.

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