The Force is strong with this one.

Fuller and I agreed to post about The Force Awakens today, and really all I want to say about the film is: YES.

YES to every creative decision that went into the design of this wonderful mythological rebirth.

YES to diverse protagonists. There’s homogeneity in archetype alone, and this is a beautiful thing. The avatars for the essential hero have gained a higher life force in their variety. We are all ONE beneath the social veils of race and gender (and every other identification). They trap us in reductive hierarchies and restrict us to our lower chakras (forgive me, I’ve just finished Ram Dass’ Be Here Now). Seeing more than a white male dominate the story (which we have to learn to drop anyway; we have to learn not to identify with and attach ourselves to these veils) grants us access to a plane above duality. OR I’m just exaggerating this simple fact: I really enjoyed this movie.

YES to not-so-terrible dialogue (and even to objectively clever humor).

YES to great casting.

YES to reliable acting.

YES to a buoyant tone. All the beats seemed to work. When humor seemed fit, the film delivered it; when it was time to be serious, the moment matched it. Particularly surprising was how Abrams and his creative team handled Kylo Ren. He reacts like an infant to everything, and the writers built cosmic humor around his vacillating energy.

YES to perfect use of Han Solo, Chewbacca, Leia, and Luke.

The first thing I said to my parents after we left was, “I don’t think they could’ve made that any better.” I kept vaguely hearing about how much love was at the core of the film’s production. Yes, we can cynically argue that it’s a commercial product and that money is the bottom line, but whatever. I still felt the love. If that’s just because I wanted to, so be it. I left the theater with my spirit (whatever that is) – not simply my pleasure – lifted.

So YES to whatever comes next.



(Also, YES to this. I know it’s old, but I stumbled across it a few days ago. Clever.)

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