Ingesting footnote 110

I’m late.  I’M LATE.  I missed yesterday’s target page 316.  But it’s not my fault!

I was humming along Thursday night, page 310, cruising, about to finish out the next six pages–on schedule–and call it a night. Then, immediately after the first word on page 311, footnote 110.

Pull out your copy of IJ and turn to page 1004.  That is the start of footnote 110.  Now turn to page 1022.  That is the end of footnote 110.  This 8-point font means that this 18 page footnote is actually 40 pages of actual text.  Fuck me.

I spent all day Friday reading footnote 110, you know, just trying to finish footnote 110.  In the process I got fired from my job, divorced, mugged, thrown out on the street, hooked on crack, prostituted myself out to support my crack habit, eventually kicked my habit, entered a halfway house, fully recovered, convinced my ex-wife to be my wife again, moved back into my house, got my old job back, and stabbed the guy who mugged me.

Also, I finished footnote 110.  To celebrate, I’ve spent this morning watching Premier League soccer and reading pages 310 to 316.

I’m now a third of the way through IJ, and a day behind schedule.  Fortunately Monday is a holiday.

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