The new Infinite Jest 20th Anniversary cover is shit

Back in August, Little, Brown and Co announced a design competition for the Infinite Jest 20th Anniversary edition.  A month ago the winning entry was announced.  You can even pre-order the book with the new cover now (due out in a month).

Look at that damn thing.

God damn I hate that cover.  And I don’t like any of the other covers the winning artist designed either.

Of course, for a book as complex as IJ, I’m not sure any cover would satisfy me.  But this?  Here was a chance to have a cover that more fully represented the major addiction/recovery/redemption themes that soak each page.  Here was a chance to express the hard-fought pain, knowledge, and experience that DFW himself endured before, during, and after the writing of this book.  Instead, the publishers went with the book’s McGuffin gimmick.

How incredibly trite.

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