Did you know that Canelli once read Brothers Karamazov in 3 days?

And yet here I am struggling to get to page 580 in Infinite Jest three days behind schedule.  Yes, I’ve fallen behind again.  My excuses this time:

  • The Krispy Kreme Challenge this past weekend.
  • Chilling with the fams in Raleigh.
  • A severe head cold picked up from said fams that has straight-up wrecked me for two days this week.
  • Racing through the last 150 pages of This Angel On My Chest before my next class.  (The author is visiting tomorrow night.)
  • Prepping to begin reading In Cold Blood for next week’s class.  (The author has been dead for over 30 years now.)

At this rate, I’m probably going to let the page 611 deadline for Friday slide, too, due the opening for Amanda’s latest public art installation, The Way Out House.  That’s actually a pretty cool thing to miss a deadline for.  Instead, I’m rejiggering my expectations to get back on track Monday when we’re supposed to be at page 653 (67% finished!).  I’m going to do that while tearing through the nearly 400 pages of In Cold Blood this weekend.  So much reading…


  1. Luigus

    To be fair, that “feat” was amidst physical purging in both directions, so it’s not like I had much else to focus on (that I had any energy to focus on it still confounds me). As for IJ, I’m on p.698, so I’ve been having to schedule my posts far in advance because of our deadlines. Because of that (kind of), I’ve been slacking on the blogging front. No excuses.

    1. dasfuller (Post author)

      “Purging in both directions”? Even when you’re being modest you’re still bragging.


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