Homework Assignment #1: Pears On A Willow Tree

Here’s what I turned in for my first writing assignment (out of eight this semester) in my “Novel Form, Style, & Structure” class last week.  It’s a mad-dash* through why I think the book Pears On A Willow Tree isn’t told in chronological order, and it involves some quick references to Infinite Jest and AA.  I’m posting this now because tonight the author, Leslie Pietrzyk, is visiting our class, and I’ll get to test my ideas with her.

The second book we covered this semester is Pietrzyk’s third book, This Angel On My Chest.  It’s due tonight, but I’m still bull-in-a-china-shopping my way through a bunch of drafts.  I’ll post that next week along with comments and observations about tonight.

* As readers of this blog are probably well aware of, “mad-dash” for me means tons of grammatical, spelling, and punctuation errors.  And you’ll see that in what I turned in.  But there is a really funny one at the bottom of page five: I used the computer science term “struct” when I meant to use the regular word “struck.”  I got quite the chuckle out of that just now when I noticed it.  Heh.


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