Here’s what’s next, bro.

Fuller called me out yesterday.


Give you my thoughts on IJ? I’ve already written over 25,000 words about it! And if it isn’t evident in those rambling posts, I loved it. More posts to come. I might do a final reflection on top of those. Most of my writing has been devoted to describing whatever that particular section creatively inspires in me, not on any substantive analysis or evaluation. Doing a “review” feels like it would betray my reading experience. Like if I were to try to review part of my life. What’s the point?

I was wondering last night about my next big book. The first thing I saw on the shelf was Gravity’s Rainbow, and my eyes glazed over, so probably not that. Chimamanda Adichie’s Americanah has been recommended to me frequently, so I might tackle that next.

Reading aside, I’m absolutely returning to revising the novel (after my upcoming spring break, when I’ll be traveling). I’m changing the POV and the tone. It’ll be pretty damn substantial and demanding.

The real next step? Moving to Baltimore, collaborating with you on all sorts of writing projects (get ready, fool), hitting up open mics in Baltimore and D.C., “making it,” selling out, etc.

How’s that?

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  1. dasfuller

    Moving to Baltimore! Dude! The post I scheduled for Tuesday! Let’s fucking do this!


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