Buying into the Fiction Writing Industrial Complex

I’ve been hitting Duotrope hard these past few weeks.  It’s essentially online dating for fiction writers and literary publications, and it involves the same feelings of short-lived euphoria and long-lived existential dread that one gets with real online dating–as well as the coming-to-terms-with-bad-grammar-and-punctuation experience.  But here’s another–completely unexpected–way that Duotrope is just like online dating: the overwhelming abundance of options.

Holy shit there are a lot of print and online publications looking for fiction to publish.  It’s almost depressing how many pubs there are.

But then this got me thinking: if there are so many of these, they must not be that hard to start.  So why not start one myself?  Publish the stuff I like to read or what I think is important.  In addition, I could even score a little street cred in literary circles, much the same way some folks we know in the Bmore art scene have via opening their own galleries downtown.  I certainly have the skills to build out a website that’ll facilitate the online publication of fiction, and, with a little help, I’m sure I could put together a print pub.  Hmmm…if only I knew someone with the energy, excitement, and drive to help create something this moderately ambitious….


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