on thin ice

I keep thinking that I’m past my passion for Philadelphia sports, and sports spectating in general. But watching the Flyers make the playoffs yesterday and hearing the crowd go wild…it moved me. We’re talking heavy chills throughout the body. Granted, it’s still winter in April here in Vermont, but these were the waves of nostalgia crashing on the shores of my skin, flooding my analogical capacities and making mincemeat of my poetic skills. The animalistic surge of group identification reminded me of how powerful those early ties in our lives are. I grew up learning to love Philly sports (not Villanova, folks…saying they rep Philly is the same as saying Kobe Bryant does), and I’ve apparently done nothing to extract that from my DNA. I don’t have a wand or a Pensieve, so I guess it’ll remain a part of me. So be it. Go Flyers!


  1. dasfuller

    Good job, Canelli, you killed the Flyers: http://flyers.nhl.com/club/news.htm?id=878226

    1. Luigus (Post author)

      Too soon, man.


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