April, month of writing conferences, month of selling out

I’ve finished the last of my writing assignments eight hours ago, so I can finally emerge from this dank chrysalis I’ve been toiling away in and rejoin this site (and get the podcast going again).  And while I’m done writing for my class, I’m not done getting involved with writing junk.  A lot of literary and writing conferences are happening in the Baltimore/DC area over the next three weeks, and I’ll be attending all of them.

  • CityLit Festival over at the University of Baltimore, starting Friday night and running all day Saturday.  Here’s the schedule. Lot of interesting stuff going on, and it’s all free!
  • Conversations and Connections, a writers’ conference in DC on April 23rd.  This one requires paid registration and looks to be sold out now.  This is going to be my first exposure to professional editors.  I’m bringing business cards!
  • Washington Writers Conference, another writers’ conference in DC, April 29-30.  This one is going to have agents at it, and part of the paid registration includes a chance to pitch book ideas to up to four agents.  I’m doing this one, too.  In fact, I went all out and decided to get a room at the hotel the conference is taking place at.

Canelli, are you still in Vermont?  Why are you not here in Baltimore yet?  You’re missing this stuff!  Maybe you’ll get here before September so that we both might go to the Chesapeake Writing Workshops together?

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