More submissions!

I’m still working through the editorial trauma that was this past weekend’s Conversations and Connections writing conference in DC.  At some point in the next few days, Canelli and I will get on the horn, and he’ll get to listen to me process my frustrations in real time.  Meanwhile, I’m back to submitting stories!

Since my last post about writing submissions, I’ve received four rejections (out of 14 submissions) for my “Achilles as a lady” short story and three rejections (out of five submissions) for my “Detective Nicene Creed” story.  Oh, I hadn’t told you about those?  Yeah, don’t worry about it.  Just know that the rejections came multiple standard deviations faster than their usual response rates.

Now I’m back to submitting, and this time I’ve got a couple of stories that are probably a tiny bit stronger.  The first, “God of Industry, God of Love” is really a big poop joke.  But you’ve no clue it’s a poop joke until the penultimate sentence.  I submitted it to the first four journals in the table below on Monday night.  The second story, “Re-entry,” is a more serious piece of flash fiction (under 1,000 words) about re-entry corridors that I submitted to Smokelong last night.  Both of these pieces got “worked out” on Saturday and then worked on every night since then.

Here’s what I’m expecting in terms of response rates from these new journals.

Avg Number of Days
Journal Acceptance Rejection
Bartleby Snopes 6.5 4.9
Strangelet 56.1 32.8
Barrelhouse 27.8 147.5
Blue Monday Review 62.4 55.4
Smokelong 7.8 21.4


As you can see, I’ve changed up my strategy a little: submissions are to journals that respond a bit quicker.  In all, though, I’ll probably start seeing rejections for all 17 remaining submissions around the same time next month.  So if I set my car on fire and then drive it off the Howard Street Bridge in a couple of weeks, well, guess.  In the meantime, I’ll submit my stories to more journals as I find ones they’ll fit into.


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