The Nightosphere is run by the TSA

A little bit of a follow-up to last week’s podcast, I stumbled upon this Boing Boing article yesterday morning:

However, even Precheck fliers aren’t immune: as the TSA diverts its staff to handle the three-hour-long queues, the Precheck lines have slowed down. The Precheck lines in Newark can take more than an hour to clear.

David Graeber remarked on the bizarre phenomenon of lengthening official lines in his brilliant essay The Utopia of Rules: for decades during the Cold War, long official lines were the symbol of the Soviet Union’s oppressive, incompetent bureaucracy. With the fall of the USSR, the lines have moved west, getting longer and longer, being joined by official forms and systems that disproportionately target the poor and vulnerable, while elites are exempt or exempt themselves by paying professionals.

This is a matryoshka-doll post: one post referencing another post that references a third post.  I read a little bit of The Utopia of Rules post (also on Boing Boing), and it seems interesting.  Of course, Boing Boing is the epitome of TEDhead, which, in my book, isn’t a compliment, so take what they say with a heap of heart-disease-inducing salt.

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