Reading list update

Not a lot of energy for posting since getting back from China a week and a half ago, but I do want to let folks know we haven’t disappeared.  It’s just been a busy summer so far.  So, here’s a list of books I’ve finished and am currently working on.


Nobody Move was an easy, two-day read.  Was it noire or noire parody?  Well, after finishing Raymond Chandler’s first two books, I can say confidently that that question is unanswerable and integral to the genre.

Delillo’s White Noise was incredibly funny and dark, but also kind of draining in a “you’re going to do nothing but think about your own inexorable march toward oblivion” way.

The Aeneid audiobook was listened to while driving to/from North Carolina right when I got back from China.  It’s good, but after a while you start thinking, “Well, shit, I could’ve just listened to The Odyssey and The Iliad (in that order) and gotten pretty much the same story but without all that Rome-rah!-rah!-rah!.”

The Saga of the Swamp Thing is something I’ve been meaning to read for a while.  It’s supposed to be a classic in the comic book genre.  As I slip into book 3, I’m starting to question some of the plot/character-development decisions.  Basically, I think I preferred my Swamp Thing to be the existential anomaly he was in book 1 rather than the “elemental” he became at the end of book 2.  Also, I would’ve preferred he stay being a metaphor for America’s dread of Vietnam instead of America’s environmental freedom fighter.  But, I guess, in that way this transition is much like Godzilla’s, from atomic nightmare demon to protector of Tokyo.  But that’s a whole other convo right there….

In the works:

With the completed books, I’m at 21 books for the year (31 if Infinite Jest counts for 10 books) and struggling to get any motivation to read more.

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