Strange Projections: Resurrection…

…is the title of this blog’s sequel, i.e. the unceremonious, unrequested return of your friendly neighborhood bloggers, Lou Canelli (yours truly) and Adam Fuller. That’s right, folks, we’re back and better than ever…is a promise I might make if (a) we had a real audience that cared whether we blogged or died, (b) we posted about things that actually served anyone in any meaningful way, (3) we could keep our ideas organized, and (d) we didn’t blow past the rule of 3.

So what can you expect? Well, since we previously set the bar at about the height of the grave we buried this blog into already, not much. Which should leave you constantly delighted and fulfilled. When you don’t expect food, and you suddenly start getting free samples here and there, you’re pretty pumped about the bonus shot of energy. Those samples are never very good, but they are free, and they might just end up being the highlight of your day by virtue of their unpredictable (and again, unrequested) appearance in your world.

So please, don’t blow right by us like so many people do with free samples at the supermarket or on the street. We’re doing our best, and we don’t really know why we’re here either.

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  1. Ed Burnham

    Welcome back! Missed reading your extremely interesting blog! Keep it coming gentlemen!
    Ed Burnham


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