Remember when climate change was a thing?

It may shock everyone enmeshed in the exhausting daily drama of Trump grabbing pussies*, a Putin ally warning of “Hiroshimas and Nagasakis everywhere” in the wake of a possible Hillary Clinton presidency, and…well, shit, do things have to come in 3s? That’s a lethal combo on its own. Just go watch the new Rogue One trailer as the third thing, and forget the “but” pay-off to the “it may shock everyone” set-up: that the Earth is still dying, and that we’re the ones killing it.

That Rogue One though…



*Why’s our boy Trump insisting on “locker room” as a scapegoat? “Listen, these are just the words that locker rooms inspire. Has Crooked Hillary Clinton ever been in a locker room? NO. She has no time to clean her body when she’s so busy CLEANING HER E-MAIL! If she says otherwise, TOTAL FABRICATION. Let me tell you, she has too much evil in her heart to be welcomed into a locker room. Prison shower? Maybe. If I had it my way, ABSOLUTELY. But let me tell you, when you’re standing there surrounded by a bunch of sweaty balls – and we’re talking huge, tremendous balls, bigger than any you’ve ever seen – I promise you, you can’t help but get rapey. #MAGA”

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