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Inimitable artist Amanda Burnham suggested a new approach for this here blog after reading my inspiration for this piece about how I’m an asshole…specifically in relation to “the homeless,” that crude concept we use for ignoring an all-too hefty portion of our population. Anyway, her comment:

Yo, THIS WHOLE THING SHOULD BE THE ORGANIZING PRINCIPLE OF YOUR BLOG! Like, everyday Fuller tells you, Canelli, a thing he wants you to write about. And vice versa. AND YOU HAVE TO DO IT. Or, I guess you could also solicit prompts from other people somehow. But you should totally do this. Bob Loblaw’s ImprovBlogLog!

Now, I’d love to solicit prompts from our adoring audience, but I think we’ll keep this in-house for now, so long as Fuller agrees to it. If he does, I have my first assignment for him, which is likely more complicated than how we’ll structure things moving forward.

Prompt: Read (or don’t read, and that is not the question) Christy Wampole’s piece about “the syllabus.” Then, follow her prompt at the end:

As a thought experiment, try putting together your own syllabus. What would your ideal course be called? What would its themes be? What books or films or cultural artifacts would find their way onto your syllabus? What special rules would you make? At the end of it all, I can guarantee it: Your syllabus will be a portrait of yourself.

Again, this might be too much. Which begs the question, how should we make it so our posts are sort-of improvisational? Do we just shoot each other a text with our suggestion, and that’s the subject for our next post? Do we put the suggestion at the end of our latest post to ensure that we’re being supportive blogger buddies? Do we give each other a bunch of suggestions for the following week through a specified medium, and then we tackle them in the order we see fit?

No matter how we approach it, you obviously have to say YES. AND then come up with a way of making it work.


  1. Amanda Burnham


  2. dasfuller

    Sure, let’s do this. I mean, I’ve already done this to you several times with emails like “Dude! You’ve got to write about blah!”

    I’ve already got posts queued up for the rest of the week, so this post “improv” post won’t show up until next week. In the meantime, my challenge to you for a post: write something funny about how the size of a slice of pizza increases the farther north you go in Manhattan.


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