Should we do Infinite Winter again?

Canelli, should we do another Infinite Winter?  Not with Infinite Jest, no, but with a different book?  I think we should!  Now, I know you’re busy trying to make sweet, sweet comedy to the world, but you’ve got to take a break every once in a while, right?

Look, I even have some suggestions already:

  • Gravity’s Rainbow — We talked about doing this once already.  I think we can do it now, especially since we know we’ve got help this time.
  • Mason & Dixon — I’m actually reading this now (about 350 pages in), but I love it so much, I would totally start over from the beginning.  It’s incredible.  I love it.  We need to read this.
  • Don Quixote — Amanda recommended this to me, and the idea has grown on me more and more.  Also, George Guidall did an audiobook of it, which, as you may recall, I think very highly of that man’s voice.

So.  What do you think, Canelli?  Like any of these?  Got any suggestions for something you’d like to try?


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  1. Luigus

    Go big or go home: Gravity’s Rainbow.


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