Books we got for Xmas

Holy Christ, did we get books.  And $30 in B&N money for anther one-to-three books.  Here’s the list.

  1. John Bradshaw and Sarah Ellis, The Trainable Cat: A Practical Guide to Making Life Happier for You and Your Cat
  2. Ada Calhoun, St. Marks Is Dead: The Many Lives of America’s Hippest Street
  3. Michael Chabon, Moonglow
  4. H. A. Guerber, Greece and Rome, Myths and Legends
  5. Wally Lamb, I Know This Much Is True
  6. Lin-Manuel Miranda and Jeremy McCarter, Hamilton, The Revolution
  7. Trevor Noah, Born A Crime
  8. Plutarch’s Lives, Volume I
  9. Plutarch’s Lives, Volume II
  10. Thomas Pynchon, V
  11. Thomas Pynchon, Bleeding Edge
  12. Oliver Sacks, Awakenings
  13. Oliver Sacks, The Man Who Mistook His Wife For A Hat
  14. Colson Whitehead, The Underground Railroad

Back in May I was talking about the 52 Book Challenge and how I would be at about 19 books by the middle of the year.  I’ll take a guess and say I’m going to finish the year with somewhere around 35 books.  Not sure I can duplicate that sort of production next year, but given the two books I’m reading now and this list, I think I can be at 9 books by the end of winter.  Which is a good start.

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