52 Books: One Writer’s Beginnings

I was on a reading jag last week, trying to get ahead of the game in preparation for some heavier books down the road.  So, as of last week, I’m through six books including this one, Eudora Welty’s One Writer’s Beginnings.  Amanda recommended it as a response to Reading Like A Writer, and it turned out to be more memoir about writing than about writing.  Memoirs usually aren’t my thing, but I read this and found it a much better example of good writing versus Prose’s insistence of what was good writing.

Here’s what’s currently getting worked on:

  • Don Quixote (of course). I’m currently on schedule, just over a third of the book read.
  • A People’s History of the United States (of course).  I’m a couple chapters ahead of schedule.
  • Richard Feynman’s The Character of Physical Law.  This has been sitting on my to-read shelf for a couple of years, and it should be an easy read for me.
  • Plutarch’s Lives, Volume I.  Because why the fuck not?

Yeah, I screamed through the first six books, but I want to show you that I’m not playing some mama’s game here.  The hard stuff is coming.

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