52 Books: Longitude

Why the hell did I not read Dava Sobel’s Longitude before reading Mason & Dixon?  It was an easy read.  It was an entertaining read.  It was an incredibly informative read.  And it would’ve explained the entire first third of M&D!  Also, it cemented in my mind that Robert Hooke should be known in history more for his assholery and constant feuding with smarter men than for any contributions to the field of physics.  Fuck that guy.

This is the eighth book in just over two weeks I’ve read for this 52 Books project.  Man, I’m really humming along!  I’m covered until February 25th, but I’m still going strong.  Still grinding through A People’s History and Don Quixote.  The latter has become problematic because even though a larger plot has emerged (Don Quixote running around, getting his ass kicked, and puking in Sancho Panza’s face is actually…the backdrop to a larger story?) and narrative momentum was building, the book has now devolved twice into seemingly unrelated sub-novellas.  Each time Don Quixote and Sancho Panza come across some stranger now, I cringe waiting for the next 70 pages to be all backstory for that stranger.  What the hell?

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