A piece of “no shit” advice that I need to tell myself every day: If you want to get something done, start doing it.

An important corollary: If you want to be something, start doing it.

I want to be an improviser. Okay, improvise.

I want to be a writer. Okay, write.

I want to be a teacher. Okay, teach.

I want a sandwich. Okay, make a sandwich.

See? Most of your problems can be solved – if you’re like me, which you’re not, so this doesn’t apply to you – by just doing something. Not even necessarily something about the problem directly. Making a sandwich, for instance, will give you the energy to do the previous three. Doing the previous three will feed your desire for another sandwich. And that’s really what life is all about: sandwiches. You don’t want really want to be an improviser, a writer, or a teacher, at least not as ends in themselves. They’re all means to having more sandwiches in your life, or rather, to getting other people to make you your sandwiches.

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