Follow your bliss.

My journey to Ecuador was more transformative than I could’ve ever imagined; the heart’s vision is infinitely more powerful than the mind’s. I kept a lengthy journal that will become the foundation for a memoir about my experience there and how it’s reframed the way I think about my past, present, and future (and then the non-conceptual transcendence of time altogether). I’m not sure how I’ll release things about the trip on this blog, so writing here may slow down while I attend to that project. Consider this a simple update of gratitude and love. For Ecuador, yes, and that means for everything. For you, dear reader. For me, dear writer. For all of life – all its suffering and joy, its being, nonbeing, and interbeing. I’m relieved that I’m finally me, but coming home to myself means that I’m also always you. Together, we are one and everything. Time to live…thank God…time to live.

And yet, to truly live…no time at all.

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