Reading lists to help you get woke

On Monday, the site Jezebel posted this reading list: A Loose and Even Enjoyable Reading List to Help Explain How We Got Here.  It focuses on history, criticism, art, and literature.  In the list’s introduction are links to three other reading lists:

The first one is an open-sourced list from the #FergusonSyllabus twitter hashtag.

The second one is the third iteration of a reading list about how Trump won.  It looks like it’s getting updated about once a month now.  Also, it’s heavily with white people problems (implicit starting with week six and becoming explicit with week nine).

The last list is meant to educate on what is fascism, the rise of fascism, and how to combat fascism.  It’s extensive and practical.  And it makes me realize that Zinn’s A People’s History is basically a high school text.

I’m going to try incorporating some of the materials on these lists in the 52 Books thing.  We’ll see how well I manage to do that.

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