Strange Projections: Parallel

In March, I’m thinking of launching a new podcast titled Strange Projections: Parallel. Because Fuller and I struggle to maintain any consistent schedule in collaboration, I’m tossing around the idea (in my head, and more gently in my heart) of going solo. The “Parallel” part is in the hopes that it will run (wait for it) parallel to our original (gangsta) podcast. That, and the name just sounds cool to me.

The format is straightforward. If you’ve heard Bill Burr’s podcast, that pretty much covers it. Basically, I’m craving another creative outlet, and I want to work through my own thinking in the spirit of Kyle Cease and his “Evolving Out Loud” business. The idea is that you come to understanding by meeting your own thinking wherever it is in the present moment; you evolve…out loud. You don’t come at yourself with an agenda; you simply start speaking and let come what may.

In this sense, it’s quite a vulnerable endeavor, and I have no ambition of editing away anything ugly that might emerge. To me, it’s all beautiful because it’s all me. And since I believe the idea that we are all one, and therefore everyone is in me, whatever comes out is all the more beautiful in its universality. I don’t presume to speak on behalf of anyone else, just that when I speak, there is always universal energy flowing through me. The extent to which that power is manifest depends on how many dams I’ve built up inside. I know I’ve cracked a few down recently, and my hope is that I’ll continue to help my inner walls crumble. To let more love in, yes, and also to let more love radiate out.

In other words, even though it’s a totally independent, largely insular journey, I hope it helps me (and anyone strange enough to listen) be more in love.

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  1. dasfuller

    Wait, does this mean you learned how to use GarageBand?


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